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What do we do?

The Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils is a membership organisation. Its purpose is to support and advise Town and Parish Councils and Parish Meetings in Nottinghamshire. It is one of 44 county associations in England affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (also known as NALC - see below) which has its headquarters in London.

Nottinghamshire ALC

  • Provides guidance to its members on conducting their business lawfully, with advice available on a wide range of issues covering statutory duties and powers, correct conduct of business within the ethical framework, employment law, empowerment and various other topics
  • Runs training courses for clerks and councillors on a wide range of subjects to promote good practice and governance
  • Provides information updates on legislative changes and other issues of relevance to members
  • Administers the Local Council Award scheme
  • Responds to consultations on behalf of member councils and represents the interests of its members by commenting on proposals for new legislation and other statutory documents

How is Nottinghamshire ALC run?

An Executive Committee of councillors oversees the work of the association and is responsible for deciding policy and strategy. Members of the Executive are elected at the association`s AGM which is held in mid November.

How is Nottinghamshire ALC funded?

Nottinghamshire ALC is entirely funded by its members. Currently 159 councils and parish meetings out of a possible 210 are members. The membership subscription is made up of a standing charge (currently £36) plus 0.19p per elector.

What are Local Councils?

Parish and Town Councils, often known simply as "local councils" exist in many English Parishes. They vary from councils based in small rural villages to ones serving large urban areas with thousands of electors.

Local councils enjoy many legal powers to take action for the benefit of their community on subjects ranging from the provision of recreational areas and community halls through to protection of common land and also have a say in local planning matters. They are recognised nationally as the level of government closest to the people. They have a minimum of 5 elected councillors with larger electorates having considerably more. Parish Councillors are elected for a term of 4 years.

What are Parish Meetings?

Where the population of a parish is very small, there may be no Parish Council, but electors may still meet together as a Parish Meeting. Parish Meetings have a number of powers and rights of notification or consultation.


The National Association of Local Councils

The National Association of Local Councils is the only body in the country specialising full-time in the work of local councils. NALC lobbies central government on behalf of their members and sets national strategic policy, supported by a legal team. NALC also produces and distributes "Local Council Review".

NALC takes an enthusiastic role in protecting and advancing the rights and interests of member councils in the Government, main political opposition parties, parliament, in the local and national press, and in liaison with other bodies such as the Local Government Association and the Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments panel.

NALC is committed to making this primary level of local government more effective, more democratic and better able to take a leadership role in local communities.

Membership of the National Association of Local Councils is through the County Association.

More details can be found on the NALC website:

Please find below the constitution of Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils, last revised in 2020.

Notts ALC Constitution File Uploaded: 2 August 2021 31.5 KB