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Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils is committed to providing training for all councillors and clerks across the County. The topics on which training is provided are those which councils have requested, as well as the more regular ones such as New Councillor events, and sessions dedicated to CiLCA for clerks.

In addition to please also see our e-Learning, Finance and County Association Training pages for the full and comprehensive list of training events that are available. 

Current Courses and Events can all be found in the calendar below. Just click on the relevant Course or Event for further details.

If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch with County Office and we will try to assist.

We now have online training facility for New Clerks and New Councillors in addition to our normal face to face sessions. Please see the table below for our regular training sessions and our eLearning page for online training.

Training dates & events
Course name Brief outline Further info

New Clerk Training

This is a session held in the office, for 3 attendees maximum, in which new clerks are given an overview of the role. It lasts between 2 and 3 hours and is arranged on request. Cost £40 members only

More info

New Councillor Training

This is a session for new councillors to find out the basics of how a council operates. It runs annually with additional sessions in election years. Cost £35 members only

More info

How to be an Effective Chair

This runs annually and is suitable for committee chairs as well as full council chairs. It covers the role of the chair and explores how to handle conflict and bullying. Cost £35 members only

More info

CiLCA Training

CiLCA is a recognised qualification for clerks and therefore necessary for councils wishing to use the Power of General Competence. The training cannot be undertaken until a clerk has one year's experience. It involves 5 sessions over 5 months and includes some support outside of those sessions. Please do not register for the qualification prior to the training. Cost members £350, non-members £750

More info

Employment Training

Each year there is a training session on aspects of Employment, the focus varies depending on demand and changes in legislation but may cover recruitment, appraisal, grievance & disciplinary matters and legislation. Cost members £30, non-members £85

More info

Planning Training

This session covers an introduction to the planning system and how to make planning responses more effective. It runs every 2 or 3 years depending on demand. Cost members £35, non-members £110

More info

Cemetery Training

This session covers the basics of cemetery management, introducing the legislation and exploring the paperwork required. It runs every 2 or 3 years depending on demand. Cost members £35, non-members £100

More info

Allotment Training

This session covers the basics of allotment management, introducing the legislation and exploring the paperwork required. It runs every 2 or 3 years depending on demand. Cost members £35, non-members £100

More info

Playground Safety Training

This session gives an overview of the safety standards followed by guidance on inspection and maintenance with practical involvement where possible. This runs every 3 or 4 years depending on demand. Cost members £35, non-members £100

More info

Event Contact Details:

For any of the training courses or events listed please contact the following:

Name Telephone Email

Julie Zemontas

01636 816890

Tanya Grimes

01636 816890

NALC Training - Booking Terms and Conditions

Bookings will only be accepted WITH payment. If a booking is cancelled before the closing date AND the place can be resold then a refund will be issued. If a booking is cancelled after the closing date then payment will not be refunded. Where multiple events of the same content are running, there will be an additional admin fee for booking one event and then switching to a different date/venue. Where bookings are for e-learning courses, access will be for 1 month only and there will be an additional admin charge to reinstate access after this time.

All course correspondence will be sent via the clerk. In case of last minute cancellation through bad weather or sickness, delegates will be contacted via the email provided on the booking form. This information will not be used for any other purpose and will be deleted once the event has taken place.

At least 1 weeks notice will be given if a course has to be cancelled due to low bookings.

Please note that only basic refreshments (i.e. tea, coffee and biscuits) will be provided unless stated otherwise in the booking form.

All income generated from training fees goes back into delivering our core services to members.


Booking Form

Any event can be booked using the master booking form below.