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Home working essentials

Duration: 40 minutes

More people than ever before have swapped their daily office commute for a shuffle down the hallway to a home-based workstation. It’s certainly a cultural shift!

Trying to establish a productive work routine in the epicentre of our home lives can seem like an impossible task, but don’t worry – this course is here to help.

We’ll provide some tips and advice on how to become an effective home worker. You’ll receive guidance on setting up your workspace, staying safe and secure, communicating remotely, and maintaining productivity while away from the office.

This course includes practical guidance and advice to help you work productively in your home-office environment.

When you finish the course, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your understanding by completing a short assessment.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise the characteristics of an effective home working environment
  • Develop and maintain safe home working behaviours
  • Maintain effective information security and data protection practices
  • Understand the importance of good communication when working remotely
  • Identify practical strategies to increase your productivity
  • Recognise the importance of looking after your mental health and wellbeing

Topics include:

  • Setting up your workspace
  • Staying safe and secure
  • Collaborating remotely
  • Working well

Please click on the file below to download the above information