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The following courses have been developed by Nimble e-Learning and where necessary the National Association of Local Councils has adapted.

e-Learning courses are available to NALC members only at a cost of £16.80 per person enrolled with the exception of the New Clerk and New Councillor courses which are £30 per person.

Courses can be booked by completing the Master Booking Form on our Training Page or by contacting with the name and email of the person and which course they what to complete. An invoice will be issued when a booking is received: payment is required before login details will be released. Please check spam folders for the log in information before contacting the office to say it hasn’t arrived!

Learners can log in to their courses at and they will be asked to set a password when first logging in. Courses are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour long but need not be completed in one sitting. Each course ends with a test, learners must achieve 80% to be able to download a certificate of completion but they can return to the course and revise problem sections then re-sit the test. Progress through the course is visible by Notts ALC and access will cease once the course is completed.

Name Telephone Email

Julie Zemontas

01636 816890

Tanya Grimes

01636 816890

Course Name Brief outline Further info

New Clerk Training

This bespoke session will go through the various aspects of the clerk’s role within the council and give practical guidance on day to day activities. The session will be tailored to match your council’s requirements.

More info

New Councilor Training

This popular seminar is primarily targeted at newly elected councillors but would also be recommended anyone in need of a ‘refresher’. 

More info

An Introduction to Planning

This course is suitable for new Councillors and Council Officers, this e-learning module includes a range of activities to help you develop your knowledge of Parish and Town Councils.

More info

Anti Bribery Essentials

This course explains the Bribery Act, including the four offences covered by it, and uses case studies to give learners more insight. This course can form an integral part of an organisation’s defence against the crime of failing to prevent bribery.

More info

Data Protection Essentials

This course will help you understand the aims and provisions of the UK’s data protection legislation and offers essential, practical advice on how to make yourself compliant.

More Info

Display Screen Equipment Workstation

Any employer that employs individuals who are desk-based for more than 2 hours a day are legally obliged to analyse workstations, assess and reduce risks. This course ensures organisations comply with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Health and Safety Regulations

More info

Equality, diversity & inclusion essentials

This course addresses threats to equality such as discrimination, harassment and victimisation, and explores how you can promote fairness, diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

More info

Fire Safety Essentials

This course aims to change the way you think about fire. It will help you to recognise and reduce fire hazards in your workplace, and will explain what you need to do in the unlikely event of a fire.

More info

Health and Safety Essentials

This course discusses the importance of health and safety to keep employees safe and healthy at work and at home. It uses interactions and specifically designed content to maximise learning outcomes.

More info

Home Working Essentials

This course includes practical guidance and advice to help you work productively in your home-office environment. It will provide tips and advice on how to become an effective home worker including guidance on setting up your workspace, staying safe and secure, communicating remotely, and maintaining productivity while away from the office.

More info

Information Security Essentials

This highly interactive course helps your employees become more aware of their role in information security. It prepares them to do their part and leaves them with best practice tips to ensure your and their information is kept secure. 

More info

Manual Handling Essentials

When we lift and move loads during our daily working life, it’s vital that we know how to prevent injury – by actively reducing risks, a better awareness of posture, and using effective manual handling techniques. This elearning module includes a range of learning activities to help you develop your understanding of manual handling

More info

Modern Slavery

This course, looks at the extent of modern slavery in the UK; how to spot the signs of a victim; what to watch out for as an employer and how to report concerns to ensure vulnerable people are identified and supported.

More info

Personal Safety Essentials

Personal safety awareness training is very effective in reducing violent and aggressive incidents in the workplace and beyond. Staff can benefit from this course’s advice at work and in everyday situations

More info

Team Leadership Essentials

This course looks at how you can leverage your natural attributes to find a leadership style that suits you. We’ll explore core leadership skills and provide practical tips for leading your own team effectively.

More info

Report Writing Essentials

The course is aimed at Clerks and is being led by Jake Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils.

More info